While exploring Shoreditch recently, I found out a vibrant hub of creativity. Its appeal comes from its gritty, dingy, industrial flavour and the old brick warehouses transformed into trendy, electic independent shops, bars and art galleries. It`s the perfect plan for … Continue reading

Interior Styling

JULY 2014 Sadly, many people still don´t take seriously the extent to which furniture, design and architecture can enhance the experience of living, providing friendly, pleasant, well-lit and organized spaces. The apartment whose floor plan is shown below makes me think about … Continue reading

Brazil Inspiration

JUNE 2014 Aglaea welcomes the Summer with a colorful & exotic selection of objects starring three stunning armchairs created by the brilliant Brazilian designer Sérgio J. Matos. BRAZIL IN BLUE  01. OLHAR O BRASIL Dinnerware by Chicô Gouvêa for Vista Alegre Portugal Materials:Porcelain. 02. TUPA … Continue reading