Today I have been visiting the new Zaha Hadid Design Gallery in Clerkenwell, London, and it is truly impressive. The ultra white and antiseptic space dramatically contrasts with the super high-tech, glossy, sculpture-like furniture. It is really difficult to think you are not in an art gallery because not only can you find some of Hadid’s paintings, but also every piece is like a unique work of art – one can hardly see it as a daily life, industrial object – made with the cutting-edge manufacturing processes. The distinctive feature of Hadid’s designs is the shiny, free-flowing surface with no edges that folds until the right shape is achieved. Industrial design is here very close to Art, partly due to the way it is shown in Hadid’s Gallery– far away from a house / public building context–partly because they seem to be objects made to be admired.

However, doubtless, the most remarkable part of the visit was the stunning architecture model room, a space packed with awe-inspiring models, some of them made as a part of the working process, others made for exhibition (with the distinctive continuous shine-coated surface). The paper reliefs are among the most interesting items. They were first meant to be three-dimensional renderings of the project before the use of 3D modeling software, but the Studio continues making them as a distinctive way of architectural representation. No pictures were allowed within the model room as some of them are brand new and confidential!



My favorite objects:


Established & Sons, 2006/
Polyester resin/


Slamp, 2013/
Opalflex and Cristalflex/

These lamps are brand new as they had been released at Euroluce lighting show in Milan last April.

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