Copper & Brass


The other day I was wandering round three venues in West London that are taking part in the London Design Festival 2013. The first one, The Dock, a former wharf building over the canal in Portobello Dock, houses Tom Dixon’s shop on the ground floor and a restaurant packed with his designs on the first floor. The shop, far from the type of highstreet retail spaces, is kind of a raw space, with the wharf’s original materials, brick and cast, exposed. It seems to me that the hues and textures of these materials are the perfect background for Dixon’s copper and brass designs. Although, in my opinion, he masters lighting design above everything else, there are other beautiful new pieces such as the Fan Dining Chair, Stool and Table and the accessories collection, which has an air from the 20’s, especially the coffee set, that seems to have been belonged to Jay Gatsby.





Dixon also uses this space to show other’s designers work. One of them is the Adnet Mirror , a original piece I had never heard of and that was the result of a parnership, in the 50’s, between the French designer, Jacques Adnet, and Hermès. There is an incredible parallel in concept between this mirror and Dixon’s designs as it is the use of materials (leather in the case of Adnet Mirror and copper and brass in the case of Dixon) in  a way they were not used before in furniture decoration and, also, a kind of the Art Decó appearance.


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