Fitzrovia Galleries

This morning I went to Fitzrovia, that part of London bursting with contemporary art galleries, and popped into some of them. In Eastcastle Street, SCREAM is showing a group of artists whose work involves language as the key element and, as I am lately a bit obsessed with the powerful visual effect of words and typography on art, I have found it thrilling! ‘How words are understood is not told by words alone’ (Joseph Kosuth) is the introductory statement of the exhibition, suggesting the fascinating new visual meanings of words when they are personalised with typography, image, color and texture. Next door, ART FIRST shows works by Jack Milroy who transforms prints and found objects through a meticulous process of cutting and twisting. In Riding House Street, NEW ART PROJECTS  presents the work of the Venezuelan artist Ricardo Alcaide, whose most interesting pieces are glossy pages of interior design magazines partially covered with colourful geometric shapes, achieving a beautiful contrast between the acrylic paint and the printed images and texts. JOSH LILLEY, also in Riding House Street, shows works by the Brooklyn-based artist Anissa Mack who creates a rich world of textures and shapes from casts of quilts and a surprising variety of materials (pewter, denim, aquaresin, etc.). Last but no least, in PARADISE ROW, Newman Street, Shezad Dawood presents his Wolf Panels, ‘portions of eternity too great for the eye of man’, made with acrylic on vintage textile, which produces an amazing texture.


Telling Tales

Scream Gallery_Chris Bracey_Once Upon a Time

↑ Chris Bracey / Once Upon A Time / 2013

Scream Gallery_Aakash Nihalani_You

↑ Aakash Nihalani / You / 2013

Scream Gallery_Yael Kanarek_Wavelength Range of Roughly

↑ Yael Kanarek / Wavelength Range of Roughly / 2011



Shezad Dawood: Wolf Panel

Paradise Row Gallery_Shezad Dawood_Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon / 2013

Paradise Row Gallery_Shezad Dawood_Wolf Panel

Wolf Panel / 2013



Anissa Mack: Body Copy

Josh Lilley Gallery_Anissa Mack_Body Copy

Body Copy / 2014

Josh Lilley Gallery_Anissa Mack_&Teeth

& Teeth / 2014



Jack Milroy: INterVENTIONS

Art First Gallery_Jack Milroy_Sardine Piccanti III

Sardine Piccanti III / 2013

Art First Gallery_Jack Milroy_Wall Flowers

Wall Flowers / 2013

Art First Gallery_Jack Milroy_The Cranes Are Flying

The Cranes Are Flying / 2013



Ricardo Alcaide: From Disruption To Abstraction

New Art Projects Gallery_Ricardo Alcaide_Intrusions

Intrusion Over The Simple But Not Minimal Space (left) & Intrusion Nº3 (right) / 2013

New Art Projects Gallery_Ricardo Alcaide_Untitled Nº8

Untitled Nº8 / 2012

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