Granada (Andalusia, Spain) keeps a unique paradise of architecture, water and greenery at the top of a hill that overlooks the city and El Albaicín, a district of white houses crammed in its medieval urban fabric. La Alhambra and the Palacio del Generalife (a 13th and 14th Century Islamic defensive and palace complex) are a real treat for the senses, an attempt to represent the Paradise on Earth. In the Islamic lifestyle, the garden is an essential feature that blends harmoniously with the architecture, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. In addition to ceramic, stucco and wood, the main materials used in La Alhambra are light and water. While the sun bathes the interiors with the bright Spanish light filtered through the galleries, balconies and screens, the refreshing water springs from fountains and cascades, glides through narrow canals and reflects the surroundings in still pools. In this striking example of Islamic architecture, everything is set to achieve an atmosphere of absolute refinement, quietness and beauty. As if that were not pleasure enough, the Spring fills the gardens with exuberant plants, bold colours and fragrant flowers, a sheer delight!

Generalife_01Palacio del Generalife from the Parador de San Francisco


Flores_01Flowers. Jardines del Partal


Water_03Escalera de Agua. Jardines del Generalife


Flores_03Flowers. Patio de la Acequia, Palacio del Generalife


El PartalEl Partal


Flores_04Palacio del Generalife


La AlhambraLa Alhambra from the Paseo de los Tristes


Water_01Fountain. Patio de la Acequia, Palacio del Generalife


YeseríasArabesques. Palacio del Generalife


Flores_02Flowers. Jadines del Partal

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