Brazil Inspiration

JUNE 2014

Aglaea welcomes the Summer with a colorful & exotic selection of objects starring three stunning armchairs created by the brilliant Brazilian designer Sérgio J. Matos.



 01. OLHAR O BRASIL Dinnerware by Chicô Gouvêa for Vista Alegre Portugal


02. TUPA LIGHT by Rodrigo Almeida, 2011

Materials: Coconut fibre, stainless steel, pvc rope, mirror and rattan.

03. PEQUI Dining table by Zanini de Zanine, 2011

Materials: Pequi wood.

04. BLOW UP Citrus Basket by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Alessi, 2010

Materials: Bamboo.

05. CARIRI Armchair by Sérgio J. Matos, 2012

Materials: Carbon steel frame, cotton thread.


BRAZIL IN RED01. CAÇUÁ Armchair by Sérgio J. Matos, 2013

Materials:Materials: Carbon steel frame, cotton thread.

02. BANCOS TRAMA by Rodrigo Almeida, 2012

Materials: Polyester cord, steel & wood frame.

03. TRANSATLANTICA by Brunno Jahara for Vista Alegre Portugal, 2012

Materials: Porcelain.

04. CORAIS DE ACAÚ Vase by Sergio J. Matos, 2013

Materials: Crushed seashells, twine, wire.

05. METAESQUEMA Nº 4066 by Hélio Oiticica, 1958, MoMA, NY

Materials: Gouache on board.



01. EVA MARIA SPIRALS, by Carla Tennenbaum, 2009

Materials: Repurposed EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) waste.

02. BALAO CHAIR by Sérgio J. Matos, 2011

Materials: Carbon steel frame, cotton thread.

03. CACHEPO LCM by Tina e LuiTina  e Lui, 2012

Materials: Cotton & vegetal fibres.

04. FDC1 ARMCHAIR by Flávio de Carvalho, 1950

Materials: Black Carbon Steel, leather.

05. YELLOW, João (Amarelo vegetal alegre de sol livre) by Marilá Dardot 2013

Materials: Mineral print on cotton paper, gouache paint on passepartout, frame and wall.

To see more about Sérgio J. Matos

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